WebGirl Scouts of Western Washington Highest Awards and Take Action Updated November 2019 2 Community service and Take Action projects are both important in Girl Scouts and both make valuable contributions to the community. Take a Bug Hike by either visiting a farm, zoo, or botanical garden that has a bug collection to observe insects in their native environments. She is proud to say that Troop 30760 boasts many Journey awards and some girl members who have been with the troop for 10 years (yahoo!). On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, Most importantly, Marlenes favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor is Thin Mint. Shorter pipes produce higher frequency sound waves and a higher pitch. The list of health benefits derived from outdoor activity are well knownstudies show that outdoor play increases fitness levels and builds active, healthy bodies, which is something Girl Scouts is all about. You have so many options for how to explorefrom your window, a campsite, the sidewalk, or an open trail. Now this is a pretty cool idea! (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) to change the world. The girls did various activities to earn the steps of the journey award. JOURNEY* book and If you're a Girl Scout volunteer, go to Volunteer Toolkit for complete meeting plans and activity instructions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This journey offers Juniors a chance to earn three Girl Scout leadership awardsEnergize, Investigate, and Innovate. WebA Girl Scout Journey is an extended learning experience with a topic that culminates in a Take Action project to make the world a better place. ",#(7),01444'9=82. Now you can focus on making the world a better place through your Take 131 0 obj Choose your adventure with activities and locations that WebOutdoor Journey Earn the new Outdoor Journey for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadette, Seniors and Ambassadors by implementing these outdoor badges in order with the final step being a TAKE ACTION Project. Have you been wondering lately where these high costs are coming from when you look at your electric bill? Awesome info Marlene!!! Choosing a Take Action Project for the Junior Outdoor Journey can be fairly simple and Then, they put the bottles out in the sun for a solar reaction! And if youre anything like me, youre extra excited because the arrival of Spring means its time to shake off those winter doldrums and indulge in some outdoor activities with our Girl Scouts! <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6771C9D1351CF54A9679CFD8A3D4C843><5ECC9BDDADB0B2110A00701A94BCFF7F>]/Index[90 42]/Info 89 0 R/Length 103/Prev 147241/Root 91 0 R/Size 132/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream For this project, I wanted to educate people on ocean pollution and the dangers it poses to both marine life and humans. JOURNEY*. Take a simple water tour of your hometown, noting where water splashes or spouts. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Plant trees near buildings that will shade and cut down on electric costs in the future. Your email address will not be published. Learn more about how to earn your Take Action Award and help your community with theGirl Scout Take Action Guide. endstream Keep it girl-led by allowing your troop to plan where to go, what supplies to bring, what meals to eat, and what activities to do at the campsite. Can you say craft room! The 2017Girls Choice Brownie Outdoor Adventurer badge encourages girls to explore nature, play outdoors in a new way, and teaches families how to get active outdoors together! endobj Welcome to GSNorCals Culture Code Lab! $, How to build a Stick Bomb - Tutorial - YouTube. Invite your Cadettes to tour their neighborhoods at night (with parent and troop leader participation, of course) to use all five senses and notice whats different after dark. Ask the girls, What is energy? Let the girls guess Answer Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Get your head in the clouds with this badge, which encourages girls to investigate the science of the atmosphere. The girls also: hb```f``jg`a`wab@ !+s|hxp$8i$aH CO Educate and inspire others to be part of the change. WebThe dangers of plastic waste. I agree! WebHere are three ways girls can create a sustainable project: Make the solution permanent. 0 Alternative Energy DIY, from cardboard wind turbines to portable solar chargers made with altoid tins. endobj Whether your girls choose rock climbing, canoeing, biking, or rafting, the goal is to G.I.R.L. Batteries from Everyday Things Cool project from MAKE magazine for Juniors doing the Get Moving! Juniors go for nature walks, interview power-use experts, and conduct energy audits of local buildings. Did you know? That means that the problem continues to be addressed, even after the project is over. Kids paint one soda bottle white and the other black. Inflate your tires campaign- properly inflated tires use less gas. hbbd```b``:"\,&H`YE0;D/5`5@$CXXDH2L 61 z&/J-@ Love the extra Den. Its Your PlanetLove It! Girl Scout Promise! There were a lot of activities and discussions that involved defining what sisterhood means. Explain to the girls that part of being energy-efficient is to use what you have on How these pages work: On the top of the page, write the girls names vertically (next to the Badge Tracker Activities might include telling campfire stories, gazing at the stars, or singing your favorite Girl Scout songs. Badges are shorter learning experiences, focused on introducing girls to new interests and activities and developing specific skills. WebThe Juniors plan and carry out their Innovate project, taking action to create changes in energy use on Earth and educating and inspiring others along the way. Choose your level below to see whats in store for you right now and let the fun begin. Caches are hidden on hikes throughout forests and outdoor recreational reserves. So what are you waiting for? up and put your outdoor skills to the test. 191 views, 6 likes, 4 loves, 11 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Memorial Presbyterian Church: April 23, 2023 | 10:45 a.m. Learn how your comment data is processed. Scouts Honor Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. I also wanted to bring micro-plastics, something that isn't very well known, to light. To help earn this petal, take your Daisy troop to visit a local garden, orchard, or farm and ask farmers about how they use resources wisely to grow their crops. WebGirl Scout Ideas Girl Scout troop 60147 remade print and tv commercials as their media remake project for the Media Journey Award . Take your Daisies to your local Farmers Market and ask them to interview the merchants to find out what they do if they have too many vegetables to sell. Who says you have to keep your outdoor event restricted to day time hours? The girls were able to keep, share, or hide the completed rocks. by Marlene Smith | Mar 14, 2017 | Badges & Awards, Camp & Outdoors, Ideas & Inspiration | 8 comments. Hanging out with Girl Scouts is one of my favorite things to do. Appreciated. Explore the power of the suns heat by blowing up a balloon on a bottle! Jump rope from plastic bags, Working Windmill: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity! Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Girls explore the science of trees, the connection between people and the towering giants, and make creative art projects with fallen branches, leaves, and bark pieces. One was a rock painting craft during which the girls painted positive messages on river rocks. You can also do it with a Styrofoam sandwich box. Journeys are created specifically for endstream Earn 3 leadership awards: Blue Bucket Award, Firefly Award, and Clover Award. | 25 Clever Ways To Harness The Power Of TheSun, Get Moving Junior Journey. Observe and discuss all fountains, run-offs, or storm drains that you find. Hi Lorraine! WebJourneys are prerequisites for Girl Scout Silver or Girl Scout Gold Take Action projects because completing a Journey gives a girl excellent practice in discovering about an issue, connecting it to herself and the world around her, and taking action to offer solutions to issues discovered in the process. Girls want investigate and innovate as they explore their own energy, the energy are places and spaces, or the energized of getting from go to there. I dont seen this from our troop. There is room for 13 girls on one page. Journeys and Take Action projects are created specifically for leadership development because they challenge Girl Scouts to think critically, work collaboratively, and act intentionally. Girl Scouts has a variety of Journeys for any interest. Classic Journeys explore topics like environmental justice or relationships with friends and society. WebGet Moving! The girls have to find a community need and create a way to solve the need on a consistent basis. Start exploring badges and awardsand a world of possibility. Kids Discover Energy iPad app for the Get Moving journey. f;|dpSi3nG'(O 3gBKSO_hN}/.) School waste reduction program. WebHere are three ways girls can create a sustainable project: Make the solution permanent. This practice will make them informed hikers on their eventual trail of choice, in a learning environment that is familiar to them. 110 0 obj Activity Plan 1; Get Removing! Think Like an Engineer Take Action Ideas Generator GIRL. Thanks so much, Heather and Marissa! Save energy- promote clothes lines. 2. Earn 3 leadership awards: Blue Bucket Award, Firefly Award, and Clover Award. Great article, Marlene! Sustainability simply endobj If you dont have an orchard in your area, take your troop to your favorite grove to sketch and label the parts of a tree, showing layers and levels, from top leaves to bottom roots. How to Build a Bicycle-Powered Generator, , who sells DIY solar car kits. Journey Take Action Projects - Poolesville Area Girl Scouts Turn your troop into a bunch of happy campers and have them plan their own overnight camping adventure at a campsite or cabin. :). So plan a hike, watch some bugs or paddle a boat; whatever you decide, the great outdoors is waiting for you! Girls on the Run - Banana Energy Award.mp4 This is my team's favorite energy award! <>stream WebActivity #1: Review Energy Pledges and Energy Innovators Time: 10 minutes Journey Connection: Award connects to multiple sessions Materials Needed: Writing utensils; diy wind turbine project for older kids--interesting program idea to tie into "wind" exhibit, How to make a small backyard wind power generator. Girl Scout Take Action projects address an issue by tackling the factors that cause or contribute to it. As you may expect, these projects have a far-reaching influence. Theyre designed to change something for the betterforever. The link gives you exact measurements to make notes in a true scale so you can play songs. This has the current badges as of 2018! I love the way you help us see opportunities to explore the water badge from a fountain to a storm drain! I could see it working at a summer camp or something similar! Web2. The Night Owl badge encourages Cadettes to take a field trip to explore nature at night and tour their world after dark. Invite your Cadettes to visit a park, trail, lake, stream, or natural environment and use all five senses to notice whats different after dark. Plan a Take Action project, such as planting a tree, creating a garden for a children's hospital, or putting on a play about protecting the Earth. To earn, complete the three our plans: Get Moving! Did you know? I really like the list of activities and times to see what the girls can do beside the troop meetings which we missed a lot due to busy schedule. WebAs part of GET MOVING! WebTake Action encourages girls to develop a project that is sustainable. Girl Scout Law! Thats what Ive got so far. Required fields are marked *. Thank you all so much. Brownie Hiker Badge, If someone tells you take a hike!, respond to them with a hearty Great idea! With this badge, Brownies learn all about local hiking areas and how to follow trail signs. Girl Scouts of the USA suggests three ways to make a project sustainable: Make your solution permanent. If youre looking for a way to add some literal fresh air to your meetings this Spring, here are 20+ badge activities that will help your Girl Scout troop earn their outdoor badges: In this petal, Daisy Scouts hear the story of Clover and her friends who discuss ways to practice being resourceful while finding new ways to use old things. Downloads Create a ropes course at camp. Explore nature and learn how to keep the Earth healthyvisit a park or farm, talk to a scientist, or make origami butterflies to celebrate nature. WebWhether its planting a garden, painting a mural, or launching a letter-writing campaign, Girl Scouts of all ages experience unique advocacy challenges, complete Take Action projects, and discover what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world. <> What great ideas for those who dont have access to nature. Your email address will not be published. WebSummer is the perfect time to celebrate our love of the great outdoors. Journeys consist of two or three activity plans, and activities for Senior badges can be found in the Senior Girls Guide to Scouting or Journey badge activity sets. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Once dry, they attach a small balloon to the necks of their bottles. Bring your Girl Scouts outside on a starry night to identify constellations and other noticeable stars, like the North Star or the Big Dipper. A Pan Flute. I A Take Action project is different than a community service project, because Take Action projects address the root cause of an issue and provide a sustainable solution. Activity Plan 2; Get Touching! The 2017Girls Choice Senior Paddling badge encourages girls to explore boat paddling sports, learn paddling safety and techniques and go on short paddling adventures. WebAs a Girl Scout, you use both service and action to live out the Girl Scout Law and make the world a better place! It is possible to take activities that are more one-time There are lots of ways to change up and re-energize your troop meetings with activities that girls can do outside because, hey, nobody said that every meeting has to involve an indoor table and chairs! WebA Girl Scout Journey is an extended engagement with a topic that culminates in a Take Action project to make the world a better place. Pedal Power! For example: Persuade the city council to build a new sidewalk or add a stoplight to a Choose your adventure with activities and locations that will allow for a two-night trip. startxref Buy a swing for kids with disabilities and put it in the local park. Girl Scout Activity Zone activities have been adapted from existing Girl Scout programming. Adapted from Girl Scouts of Western Ohios Fast Fundamentals of Community Service vs. Take Action, the Guide to Going Gold, and Girl Scout Take Action Guide for the Think Like a Programmer Journey. Explore more activities. Thank you for you expertise and your service to girls. WebGirl Scouts is on it, with tons of activities for girls just like you. Encourage the girls to plan and host a stargazing party for their younger Girl Scout friends or family where theyll show their guest a star chart and share Greek mythology or Native American stories that go with each constellation. Explore the connection between people and flight and discuss what your girls can do to help clear sky pollution! There are plenty of geocache trails in urban and suburban neighborhoods! The Trailhead is managed by Girl Scouts of Northern California. Try to meet people affected by your issue and people who are trying to solve it. Have your troop choose a nearby cache and follow their coordinates for hidden treasurers found under park benches, stair railings, or even buried at the foot of street signs. (If you have more than 13, just print more sheets.) Springtime is a great time for Brownies to explore insects and bugs as they learn first-hand about their habitats, food sources, and predators. WebCookie boxes Scissors Pink paper Crop a dile (both hand and lever action) Yarn Paper trimmer (optional) Tape (for ends of yarn to thread through) 30 min. endstream Calling all avid adventurers: grab your Senior troop members and plan an epic high adventure experience. That is awesome information. Girls reach out beyond their circle to meet others. WebGirl Scout Leader Girl Scout Crafts Brownie Girl Scouts Energy Saving Tips Homestead Survival Camping Survival Survival Prepping Survival Skills Preparedness Urban Survival Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: How to Make a Waterwheel. , Creating a Fun (and Realistic!) series. WebGet Moving Journey in a Day for Juniors During this Journey in a Day program for Juniors you will explore what energy is, the importance of being energy efficient, and most valuable 1993 baseball cards, hunt family gangsters,